Amber Museum-Gallery


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Amber Museum-Gallery

The Amber Museum-Gallery offers informative displays on the "Baltic Gold" as well as temporary exhibitions of amber jewellery. The museum hosts a unique collection of inclusions and narrates the entire history of amber–from its formation to its possible applications. Exhibits are presented in an interesting and modern manner.

Do & See

No trip to Vilnius is complete without a visit to the self-declared Republic of Užupis, just across the sparkling river Vilnia, and behind the spectacular red Gothic façade of St. Anne’s Church. Just be sure not to miss the prominently displayed constitution (it is in Lithuanian, French, and English) which states, among other things, that: “Every dog has the right to be a dog”. Other places of special interest include Vilnius University, the Hill of Three Crosses, the Gates of Dawn, the Presidential Palace, the Town Hall, Ponar Memorial, and Kalvariijų market, not to mention countless other museums, galleries, churches and statues. Just one thing is certain when it comes to Vilnius: one visit is never enough.