11 Vegan Travel Companies That Curate Cruelty-Free Tours

  • 11 Vegan Travel Companies That Curate Cruelty-Free Tours

    A better way to travel.

    A recent study has found that meat is responsible for 57% of greenhouse gases from food production. Plant-based food production is much better for the planet. For years, meat consumption has been steadily rising, but this year, it’s being reported that sales of meat are down in the U.S., Europe, and Argentina.  While the trend definitely corresponds to the economic downturn, the world has been turning to vegetarian options recently. From climate crisis to animal cruelty to health concerns, many factors have driven populations around the world to rely on plant-based diets. In the U.S., around 3% of Americans identify as vegan. Mock meat companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have become extremely popular, and more and more celebrities are turning vegan and advocating this lifestyle. There’s definitely a new taste for veganism, and the travel industry is responding to it. With this shift, vegan restaurants and hotels are popping up around the world, and now there are vegan tour operators and travel companies that help you plan a trip that matches your lifestyle. Food, of course, is a big part of it, but they also focus on experiences that are non-exploitative for animals and humans. (For example, they will make sure that the hotels don’t have leather furniture or toiletries with animal products.) Years ago, a vegan trip was a daunting task, but with these players catering to a new set of travelers, there’s no need to survive on fries and sides! You don’t need to be vegan to go on these tours, but you will experience the lifestyle if you decide to embark on a new adventure.

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