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Taxi Travel

On Grand Cayman, taxis operate 24 hours a day; if you anticipate a late night, however, make pickup arrangements in advance. Call for a cab to be dispatched, as you generally cannot hail one on the street except occasionally in George Town. They carry up to three passengers for the same price. Fares aren't metered; the government sets rates, and they're not cheap, so ask ahead. The tariff increases with the number of riders and bags. To travel in style by limo, you can call A.A. Transportation or Elite Limousine Services. Drivers are courteous and knowledgeable; most will narrate a tour at an hourly rate of about $25 for up to three people. Be sure to settle the price before you start off and agree on whether it's quoted in U.S. or Cayman dollars.

Taxis are scarcer on the Sister Islands; rates are also fixed and fairly prohibitive. Your hotel will provide recommended drivers.

Taxi Companies

A.A. Transportation Services. 345/926–8294;

Charlie's Super Cab. 345/949–4748;

Elite Limousine Services. 345/949–5963;


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